Radio London Radio London has been playing the music of the British Invasion (and the ongoing American response) for 25 years in the Ithaca area. We have endured inevitable personnel changes as might be expected in such a venerable contingent but our heart and soul remain, namely, John Simon, Jon Hilton, Jan Nigro (who plays in our gentler, kinder incarnation, Transistor Radio London) and me. Our current line-up features lead guitarist Mike Vitucci who can cover just about every lick ever conceived by the monsters of rock and roll...and then some. Drummer Dan Lashkoff is a virtually telepathic player who knows where we are going before we even think about getting there. And when we work with a keyboard player we go with Ithaca's legend, Neal Massa. In other words, we have fun as the following recent clips attest:

Radio London's Spring Fling

Boo! Radio London at the Haunt II

The Immortal Jellyfish

The Immortal Jellyfish feature vocalists Kat Patton and Barb Nellenback anchored by some seasoned local professionals--Mike Vitucci, Jeff Sacco and Danny Lashkoff and an older sax player. We do tunes from the previous several decades, salting in some jazz standards, my beloved '60's/'70's, then ranging all the way up through the 80's, etc. to music from the current century. It's basically Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bonnie Raitt, and Linda Ronstadt meet the Alabama Shakes with some soul, country, jazz and good old blues thrown in. If we were a food it would probably be bouillabaisse, maybe with a side of grits and abundant sriracha.


The Yardvarks--And then there were three--Eric Ott, John Simon and me. We have been singing the quirkier side of rock and roll and pop for some time now and are currently reconfiguring for our next incarnation, but we always have a few gigs up our sleeve including our annual pilgrimage to Women Swimmin' (300+ women brave the waters of Lake Cayuga and we provide the sound track) plus a smattering of winery gigs this summer. Stay tuned....

Idle Musings